Mr Govinda sapkota

(Ex Chief district officer , Nepal government )

The history of Nepal china relations is as old as the history of two countries. Relations between the two countries have been further strengthened by geographical proximity, cultural connections and religious similarity as well as economic and political imperatives.

  • 1414 km long border-Northern Himalaya.
  • The white pagoda, which still exists in Beijing, is an immortal symbol of antiquity of Nepal- China relations.

The formal diplomatic relations between Nepal & China were established on 1 Aug. 1955. Nepal-China enjoy age-old relations, they have proved to be true friend and reliable neighbors. Since time immemorial people of Nepal and China have had close economic, social and culture relations, especially among the people around 1414km long Northern border from east to west. It can be happily noted were that this historical bond of friendship is being further strengthened day by day.

  • Artist Arniko promoted cultural relations between Nepal & china.
  • Gampo-Bhrikuti marriage & Buddhism & Nepalese culture to Tibet.
  • Embassy opened each other’s capital on 1960.

In this context we opened Nepal- Chinese education and cultural center in the core of Kathmandu. By this center we have to strengthened Sino-Nepal relation in the 21st century. WE are managing Chinese language classes for all walks of life. We are further managing special classes and curriculum for HSK YCT exam. By this anyone could grip career development opportunities all over the world.


Prof. Dr. Li Yun

Nepal Chinese educational and cultural center is a great initiation which aims to work in order to bring people of two countries together by working in the field of language, study, travel and many more. This can be fruitful for people of both countries in knowing each other in many aspect which is a much required situation currently. Anyone looking for more information about china can approach Nepal chinese educational and cultural center. With no doubt i can say that NCEC will be a great platform for strengthening two countries relationship