चिनियाँ भाषा सिकेर नेपालमा के गंर्ने ? Is learning chinese really fruitful in Nepal ?

This is probably the most asked question from the people before learning Chinese language .

Here are some of the aspects that we can go through before learning chinese language.




  • As per the fact we know that chinese are the 2nd largest number of tourists occupying total number of tourist coming to nepal and the largest one coming from air route.
  • With the magnificent aura of our himalayas and natural beauty , the number of chinese tourists coming our country is increasing rapidly .Total no of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal in the first six months is 71,379 which shows us the flow of chinese tourist in Nepal.
  • Chinese tourist arrivals to Nepal have shown 100 percent increase since 2003 with around 7,000 in 2003 to more than a 100,000 in 2017.
  • In a short period, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal has become the second largest for Nepal. To serve the increasing number of Chinese nationals, we must develop adequate human resources having a sound command over Chinese language.
  • With the announcement of  VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2020, we can assume huge increase in chinese tourist coming to nepal.
  • With the rapid no of chinese tourist coming to nepal , it has created lot of job opportunities for different sectors like ( Tour and travel agencies , Tour guide , hotel ,restaurants, trekkers , shops and many more ). There will be huge demand of people who can speak chinese in coming years and especially 2020. So after learning chinese language we can work in these sectors.




  • With increasing no of chinese Investors , industries and companies trying to establish in nepal in different sectors
  • ( tourism, aviation, hydropower, Agriculture, machineries , engineering , constructions etc ) it has created  huge number of  job opportunities for Nepalese people  who are able to speak chinese.
  • Nepal has a very history of trade with China . Most of our good are imported from china . So in order to communicate easily with chinese traders , finding different trade opportunities in china , Chinese is must. With good chinese skills you can communicate with chinese trading and business houses , upgrade your technologies and system of your business which will be very key part for your successful business.
  • With Good chineses skill , you don’t have to rely on your agents for business .Relying totally on your Agents and translators won’t be much fruitful for the business .
  • To make your business more efficient, fruitful and profit oriented , Chinese language is very much important.




  • Chinese language being the most important language in present scenario not only in Nepal but All over the world , it has a huge impact in educational and teaching sector.
  • With more number of schools and colleges being concerned about introducing chinese language to their students the no of teachers required in different schools, colleges , institutes are increasing every day so there are lots of opportunities for people who can speak chinese language in education sector.